Dragon Age Take 4

First off, I’ve been super busy, and I apologize. I’ve been actively searching for a job while also writing for a video game website for a teeny bit of money. If you’re looking for video game news, The Gaming Addiction is the place to go, so definitely check that out.

That being said, I know my last post was about Dragon Age 2, but let’s just say I’m now on my fourth play through. This time, however, was not by choice. It’s more so because I’m stubborn as all hell. I was doing pretty well in my third play through, but I made a big mistake, at least in my opinion.

When it comes to romance I take it very seriously, especially in my video games. During my third play through I made a severe boo boo. I was so focused on making Isabella like me so she won’t ditch me at the end of Act 2, that I allowed her to sleep with me. Despite the fact that I said it was a one time thing, I didn’t break it off. And in order to romance Fenris you must, MUST, MUST, be single. You can sleep with someone, but before his quest where you can sleep with him, you have to have broken it off with anyone else. I never got the chance to do so with Isabella, so despite my best efforts to make Fenris stay, he left me without that sexy kissing scene.

Now, if you remember, I replayed Dragon Age Origins in its entirety again right after my first play through because I couldn’t get the best happy ending with Alistair. In fact, in my first play through he tried to break up with me when I put him on the throne. And because I was an elf and couldn’t rule with him, I took his ass of the throne and placed Anora there. Worst idea every by the way. So I played a second time as a human noble and ruled alongside him in the end. Best ending ever!

So you can bet I was so annoyed that I couldn’t fix the whole Fenris debacle that I’ve started a fourth game. Still a mage, I’m determined to behave myself and try and make Isabella like me for me. No flirting allowed except with Fenris.

Interestingly enough, in my third play through that I am still continuing, I have managed to romance Isabella, Merrill and Anders. The Merrill scene is awkward, and I’ve already done Anders in my first game. So despite saving before and after, I reloaded my game so I could simply go for Isabella. And if that doesn’t work, I’m either going to end up alone or try and nab Sebastian, even if it is only a chaste relationship. So no, I may not get the ending I want, but in my fourth, and most likely final game, I will. When Dragon Age 3 is finally announced and released I will upload my game as a Rogue with Fenris and a Mage with Fenris.


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  1. Jose Antonio Jariol replied:

    In Final Fantasy VII, there’s a point in the game where there’s a Ferris wheel scene with one of the characters with Cloud. I didn’t know your decisions and play style affected the outcome. I got Tifa and wanted Aeris in the Ferris wheel. So I restarted the game and chose her in every decision points leading up to that scene, which included choosing her in the party during fights and healing her.

    The perfectionist in us 🙂

    • SexyGamerGirl replied:

      It’s funny because both of my play throughs in FFVII got me Aeris in the ferris wheel, instead of Tifa. From what I’ve gathered, Aeris is the easiest. You can somehow get Barret to go with you too, but I forget just how you do so.

      • Jose Antonio Jariol replied:

        To get Barret, you have to be mean towards Tifa and Aeris in your choices. Omit them from battles a lot. Always choose Barret when applicable and in battles. There’s a point system the game calculates. Speaking of which, I found it on Youtube. Hilariously awkward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQRUCZFpWQI

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